Scandinavia – Europe’s last wild places

There is a word in the Swedish language that gives you the right to roam freely through the Swedish wilderness. Allemansrätten (literally „the right of all people”) is related to the natural human need to be in the midst of nature, guaranteed by the Swedish constitution.
In Sweden, is allowed. for camping even on private land – while keeping an appropriate distance from buildings. It is an encouragement to discover the nature that surrounds us and an invitation to experience the benefits of being outdoors: hiking in the forests, searching for wild fruits and mushrooms, swimming in open waters, crossing endless spaces on skis or in muddy boots.

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Promised Land

Scandinavia, especially its northern part, is the Promised Land for all those who dream of relaxation surrounded by beautiful, primeval and unspoiled nature and huge, unlimited spaces. Silence, clean air, no crowds, charming architecture and very hospitable locals – what more could you ask for in today’s busy world? Exploration is facilitated by the Scandinavian approach to the use of nature. The inhabitants of these countries have lived in community with nature for centuries. The current policy and teaching children to respect nature means that it is unpolluted in many areas. Here are the places where sometimes only stray gusts of wind reach…

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Region Jämtland
Postcard views and overwhelming silence – these are the greatest assets of this region. It is characterized by a very low population density. In total, it is inhabited by about 127 thousand. People. One of its biggest attractions is the legendary Storsjön Lake. You could say it’s the Swedish Loch Ness, because the waters of this body of water are also said to be inhabited by a monster. Nobody has seen it, but it’s still worth going there, because the area is extremely picturesque. The Moose Garden, a private farm in Orrviken near Ostersund, also makes a great impression. You can visit them and admire the moose in their almost natural habitat.

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Region Norrbotten

Norrbotten is also Sweden’s largest and northernmost region. A large part of it is already outside the Arctic Circle, so being there (in the period from May to August), you have the opportunity to experience for yourself what the polar day is. For seekers of unusual phenomena, the opportunity to observe the Northern Lights will be a real treat. This is quite a common occurrence there. The largest city in the region is Luleå. On its territory you can visit Gammelstadt – a parish complex, which consists of a church and houses that once served pilgrims and wanderers coming to the town from various parts of the world. The extraordinary historical value of this place is confirmed by the fact that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Region Västerbotten

It is located between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Norwegian border. It is famous primarily for its rich mineral deposits – copper, zinc, lead and even gold are mined there. The region is also known for its vast forest areas, and thus also for its beautiful, rugged views. It is a perfect destination for all lovers of white madness and those who like to get healthy while hiking in the mountains. The largest city in Västerbotten is Umeå. Today, it is one of the most important research centers in Sweden and one of the fastest growing cities in this Scandinavian country.

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Region Vasternorrland

To be in the Vasternorrland region and not visit the Skuleskogen National Park is a big oversight. This beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place where you can observe a multitude of species of fauna and flora, as well as see the remains of the former inhabitants of this area (burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Age have been discovered there!). Crystal clear air and breathtaking landscapes will reward the hardships of traveling through these sparsely populated areas.

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In today’s world driven by haste and technology, we feel a deep longing for peace and naturalness. Scandinavia is a part of Europe where you can pitch a tent literally anywhere and soak up beautiful, sometimes pristine landscapes like from Scandinavian fairy tales. It is a place where every person has the right to fully enjoy nature. Such views as Scandinavia offer are hard to find anywhere else.

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